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Over 85 Years of Standardizing the Real Estate Appraisal Process

National: 1930’s beginnings – 21st Century Relevance

The Appraisal Institute was established when the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (AIREA) and the Society of Real Estate Appraisers (Society) unified in January 1991. AIREA and the Society, founded in 1932 and 1935, respectively, were created to help standardize the appraisal process by promoting professional education and upholding high ethical standards.  Their merger created the nation’s largest professional organization of real estate appraisers with more than 85 years of history.

Local: Successfully Adapting to a Changing World

At the time of the national merger, there were multiple local AIREA and Society chapters located throughout California.  All individual chapters were renamed as Appraisal Institute Chapters but they generally continued operating independently until 1999.

That year began with the merger of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Monterey Bay, and Sierra Chapters to create the Northern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute,  which retained the former AIREA Chapter Office located in the San Francisco financial district.

Later in 1999, the Central California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute voted to merge with the Northern California  Chapter effective January 1, 2000.  That merger created one of the largest Appraisal Institute chapters in the nation and left the Sacramento Sierra Chapter as the only other chapter serving northern and central California.

After two more decades of operating independently, the Sacramento Sierra Chapter and Northern California Chapter voted in March of 2021 to merge as the Northern California Chapter effective January 1, 2022.  Our newly merged chapter has over 600 members located throughout 48 of California’s 58 counties.

With every merger, our chapter has benefitted from a synergy that leverages our ability to serve the appraisal profession.  The Northern California Chapter is nationally recognized as one of Appraisal Institute’s finest.  As you browse this site, you will find that we pack more relevant workshops, seminars, courses and conferences, and direct member services into each year than any other local chapter.  We are truly proud of our legacy and dedicated to a constant focus on the highest level of service.

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